National Authority for Campaign Against Alcohol and Drug Abuse

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The National Authority for the Campaign Against Alcohol and Drug Abuse (NACADA) is a State Corporation in the Ministry of Interior and Coordination of National Government. NACADA was established by the NACADA Act of 2012 (CAP 121B) of the Laws of Kenya. Broadly, NACADA was established to coordinate a multi-sectoral effort aimed at preventing, controlling and mitigating alcohol and drug abuse in Kenya.

NACADA’s main focus is on demand reduction. The aim of demand reduction is to empower the general public with sufficient information to facilitate informed decisions against the debut and/or continuation of consumption of intoxicating substances. It involves providing preventive education, public awareness and advocacy, life skills, treatment and rehabilitation, and psycho-social support to the target populations.

Key players in demand reduction include NACADA, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education, public sector institutions, learning institutions, youth groups, civil society organizations, faith-based institutions as well as treatment and rehabilitation service providers.

NACADA also contributes towards supply suppression. The aim of supply suppression measures is to control, limit or otherwise curtail access to intoxicating substances by the general public especially the vulnerable populations. It involves formulation, enactment and enforcement of policy, legislation and other measures to control the production, trafficking and sale of alcohol and intoxicating drugs.
Key players in supply suppression include Parliament, County Governments, National Police Service, Anti-Narcotics Unit, Ministry of Health (Pharmacy & Poisons Board and Government Chemist Dept), Customs and Immigration Services, Kenya Bureau of Standards, County Alcoholic Drinks Control Boards, the Judiciary and criminal justice system, as well as Prisons and Probation Services.

NACADA is governed by a Board of Directors comprising individuals with key competencies, experts from stakeholder institutions and representatives of strategic line ministries. The composition of NACADA Board is provided under the NACADA Act (2012).

Day-to-day management of the Authority’s affairs and programmes is vested in the Chief Executive Officer, with support from heads of Directorates and Managers of functional Units and Regional Offices.
NACADA’s head office is located at NSSF Building in Nairobi with Regional Offices that undertake programmes implementation on the ground based at NHIF Building (Nairobi & South Rift Region); Nyeri (Central Region); Mombasa (Coast Region); Kisumu (Nyanza & Western Region); and Eldoret (North Rift Region).

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NSSF Building 18th Floor, Eastern Wing, Block A P.O. Box 10774 – 00100 NairobiNairobi County Show Phone Number *****

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