National Hospital Insurance fund (NHIF)

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NHIF was established in 1967 as a department within the ministry of health, by an Act of parliament. This has been reviewed over the years and it is now governed by ACT NO. 9 of 1998 – National Hospital Insurance Fund Act. For a nation, where fertility rate averages 4.26 births for every lady and private sector commands the medicinal services division, meeting doctor’s visit expenses is dependably among top stresses for families.

The National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) is a Kenya government state corporation with a mandate to provide health insurance to Kenyans over the age of 18. The core business and mandate for NHIF is to provide accessible, affordable, sustainable and quality health insurance for all Kenyan citizens who have attained the age of 18yrs and a monthly income of KES1,000 and above. The National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) has published new NHIF rates which took effect on April 1, 2015.

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