Advocacy and Fundraising committee

The Fundraising and Advocacy Committee (FAC) is a Strategic Management Committee established to provide advice to the KLISC Executive Committee. It is a permanent, standing committee with recommending powers. The committee is a non executive committee of KLISC Executive and has no executive powers other than those specifically delegated in these TORs. The Committee shall report to the Executive Committee.

Our Mandate

  •  Develop and sustain fundraising strategies to meet financial needs of KLISC.
  •  Prepare budgets for various KLISC activities.
  •  Identify and prioritize the financial needs of KLISC that require funding.
  •  Identify strategic partners to collaborate with KLISC and maintain good working relationships with them.
  • Licensing and Negotiations Committee Create ad hoc committees to address strategic issues on information management, standards, services and information literacy as required
  • Develop proposals for funding of KLISC projects and programs.
  • Provide an annual report to KLISC. Strengthen the role of KLISC through institutional networking and building of alliances.
  • Develop an effective advocacy and communications strategy to influence key stakeholders to assist in fundraising.
  • Plan and implement campaigns and advocacy activities on behalf of KLISC.
  • Develop training programs to train members on library advocacy skills.
  • Create awareness and understanding of the role and impact of KLISC among the academic and research communities and other stakeholders.
  • Produce and distribute promotional and marketing publications and materials.

 Information Management and Innovations committee conducting an open access advocacy workshop at Nairobi Safari Club

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