Information Management and Innovations committee(IMIC)

The Information Management Innovations Committee (IMIC) is a Strategic Management Committee established to provide advice to the KLISC executive committee. It is a permanent, standing committee with recommending powers. The committee is a non executive committee of KLISC Executive and has no executive powers other than those specifically delegated in these TORs. The Committee shall report to the Executive.

Our Mandate

  •  Develop and sustain the long range plans for information management for KLISC and approval by KLISC members.
  •  Develop and recommend KLISC administrative policy with relation to information management innovations, standards, services and information literacy.
  •  Information Management Innovations Committee (IMIC)Review and recommend on development of standards for information services in the context of diversification of e-resources.
  •  Oversee all related risks to lack of awareness and usage of e-resources.
  • Licensing and Negotiations Committee Create ad hoc committees to address strategic issues on information management, standards, services and information literacy as required
  • Special Needs (SN) CommitteeReview, coordinate and arbitrate major activities on information management innovations across the KLISC members.
  • Provide an annual report to KLISC.
  • Any other duty assigned by the KLISC Executive Committee.

 Information Management and Innovations committee conducting an open access advocacy workshop at Nairobi Safari Club



Rosemary Otando 

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