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Kenya Library and Information Services Consortium draws its membership from University Libraries, Research institutions, Public/National Libraries.

Posted 2 years ago by Rop

History was made in September 1978 when the first classes were held in what was then known as Pan Africa Christian College. Originally founded as...

 Private Universities /  Nairobi County / 793 views

Posted 2 years ago by Rop

We are a Roman Catholic institution of higher learning The Marist International University College (MIUC), is committed to Marist Educational Values of Presence, Simplicity, Family...

 Private Universities /  Nairobi County / 1320 views

Posted 2 years ago by Rop

The origin of the University goes back to the early years of missionary work in East Africa. In 1875 the Church Missionary Society (CMS) founded...

 Private Universities /  Kiambu County / 398 views

Posted 2 years ago by Rop

The National Authority for the Campaign Against Alcohol and Drug Abuse (NACADA) is a State Corporation in the Ministry of Interior and Coordination of National...

 Government Agencies /  Nairobi County / 222 views

Posted 2 years ago by Rop

University of Kabianga is located in Kabianga Division in Kericho West District. The University is situated in the Kabianga Complex, comprising of the then Kabianga...

 Public Universities / 363 views

Posted 2 years ago by Rop

Pioneer International University was established in September 2006, as a College and received University accreditation by the Kenyan government in 2012. This was driven by...

 Private Universities /  Nairobi County / 516 views

Posted 2 years ago by Rop

Maseno University founded in 1991, is the only university on the globe that lies along the Equator (00). It is one of the seven public...

 Public Universities /  Kisumu County / 703 views

Posted 2 years ago by Rop

Strathmore College was started in 1961 as an Advanced-level Sixth Form College offering Science and Arts subjects by a group of professionals, who formed a...

 Private Universities /  Nairobi County / 275 views

Posted 2 years ago by Rop

The need for research and database for the management of crime was recognized by the Government sometimes back following the serious threat posed by crime....

 Government Agencies /  Nairobi County / 2249 views

Posted 2 years ago by Rop

World Agroforestry (ICRAF) is a centre of science and development excellence that harnesses the benefits of trees for people and the environment. Leveraging the world’s...

 Research Institutions /  Nairobi County / 759 views

Posted 2 years ago by Rop

An entrepreneurial Christian University The Presbyterian University has a rich history dating back to the days when the first Church of Scotland missionaries landed in...

 Private Universities /  Kiambu County / 443 views

Posted 2 years ago by Rop

The University was founded through Harambee spirit on 5th January, 1972, as Western College of Arts and Applied Sciences (WECO) under the stewardship of .the...

 Public Universities /  Kakamega County / 203 views

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