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Kenya Methodist University

The Kenya Methodist University (KeMU) is a Christian chartered private university. It was founded by the Methodist Church in Kenya (MCK). The Church first established Kaaga Rural Training Centre for training
the community in Agriculture and later the Methodist Training Institute (MTI), which became a centre for training Ministers for the Methodist Church. In 1984, the Church decided to establish a university in Kaaga, Meru. In 1987, a committee to develop modalities for establishing the university was formed. In 1995, the Commission for Higher Education (CHE) made an inspection visit of the proposed university and later in June 1997, granted a Letter of Interim Authority to establish Kenya Methodist University. KeMU became a chartered university in June 2006 upon being granted a Charter by President Mwai Kibaki.


Business, Education, Governance, Management, Peace

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Kaaga Off Meru-Maua Hw, Meru County
KeMU Towers, University Way

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