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National Assembly ( Kenya Parliamentary Service)

The Eighth Parliament took definite practical steps aimed at implementing resolutions and the law to attain an autonomous and independent status. Steps to take definite legal measures began with the introduction and subsequent enactment of the Constitution of Kenya (Amendment) Act on November 11, 1999 which was assented by the President on November 17, 1999 and came into effect on November 19, 1999.

This move was followed by the introduction and enactment of the Parliamentary Service Act On November 28, 2000.This concluded the planting of the embryo of the autonomy of Parliament which had began on March 20, 1970 when a motion for a resolution by Parliament to give such autonomy was brought to the Hous e for debate by the late Hon. Jean Marie Seroney.

The Commission consists of the Speaker of the National Assembly, as the Chairman, seven Members appointed by Parliament and one Woman and one Man appointed by Parliament from persons who are experienced in Public affairs but are not Members of Parliament. The Clerk of the Senate is the Secretary to the Commission


Professional, Training, Leadership

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The Clerk, Senate

Tel : (254-2) 2221291 or 2848000
Fax : 254 2 2243694
E-mail : csenate@parliament.go.ke
The Clerk, National Assembly

Tel : 254 2 2221291 or 2848000
Fax : 254 2 2243694
E-mail : clerk@parliament.go.ke

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