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Office of the Attorney General &Dept of Justice

The Office of the Attorney General and Department of Justice is established under the Executive Order No.2 of 2013. Further, Article 156 of the Constitution of Kenya 2010 and the Office of the Attorney General Act 2012 set out the Constitutional mandate and functions of the Attorney General. The Attorney General is the Government principal legal advisor, responsible for representing the national Government in court or any other legal proceedings to which the national Government is a party (other than criminal proceedings) and for performing any other functions conferred to the Office by an Act of Parliament or by the President. The Attorney General is also the promoter of the rule of law and defender of the public interest.

In summary, State Law Office and Department of Justice is mandated to promote the rule of law and public participation; support Government’s investment in socio-economic development; promote transparency, accountability, ethics and integrity; spearhead policy, legal and institutional reforms; promote economic governance and empowerment; promotion, fulfillment and protection of human rights; undertake administrative management; capacity building; and enhance access to justice.


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