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Technical University of Mombasa

Technical University of Mombasa (TUM) has passed through three transitional levels to become what it is now. The various phases it has undergone so far reflect the GOK’s concerted efforts in promoting technical, industrial, vocational and entrepreneurship education and training in line with the dynamic technological and industrial growth in Kenya and in Africa.

The origin of TUM can be traced back to the late 1940’s as a result of the consultations pioneered by Sir Philip Mitchell in 1948 between The Aga Khan, the Sultan of Zanzibar, the Secretary of State for the colonies, Sir Bernard Reilly and H. M. Treasury.


Nursing, Business, Engineering, Research, Science

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Tom Mboya Street Tudor, Msa
P.O BOX. 000-80100 MSA
(+254) 020-8095365
(+254) 733-955377

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